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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy


PSALMS OF MY SOUL ~ Joy Krauthammer

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer  ספירת העומר
Counting Omer day 32, that is 4 weeks and 4 days of the Omer

© Joy Krauthammer 

Critique and Comparison
of my healing sound creations to my photo creations
- Joy Krauthammer

A meditation for me
following my two Kalsman Jewish Wisdom & Wellness Sound Spa Meditations this last week

I look at playing my live ‘music’ / Sounds of Joy, Sound Spa healing sounds, as I do also with my photos for my on-line serious photo groups. 

My intention is to play and present Sounds of Joy in the most humble/Hod and best gentle Netzach possible way.
The sounds are to help purify, just as we prepare to purify ouselves during the Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer Counting for 49 days in order to reach Mount Sinai. 

How can my photos heal with pleasure and best represent the Revealed Face of G*d?

In photo groups that I belong to, we always hope to have people "critique" (share comments) so that we can see what doesn’t work well enough so we can learn and get better. Or, what photographically does work well? As a group member, I am required to comment a minimum on at least 6 photographers' photos each week from one challenge theme album. This is to help others create better photos. I learn from the comments I read and write. There are over 500 active members in 2016.

What emotion is evoked in photo or sound?  
Is it healing for the viewer, the receiver?

For instance, I wonder at times when I play the Singing Bowls, if I do or don’t leave enough space between sounds for silence to enter the soul and chakras (like knots between pearls)... Is there good 'negative' and/or 'composition space' within a photo?  Is the photo too congested, or is there a place to enter, and to rest the eyes/the mind?

Is the subject placed well, small or loud enough, too close, too far? too distracting, too congested in relationship with others?
Am I achieving the result that I want for myself or for others?
Am I in the best energy of Hod and Netzach that I can be to share?

Examples are found in 52Frames Week 18:

Do I let a sound linger long enough?  Did I ‘sing’ enough bowls or only ring them? And reach the right people, or were some out of my reach... and why?
Is one photo blossom enough to tell the story of the Revealed Holy One, or are more blossoms too many, extraneous, taking away strength?
Does the offering create serenity as I desire, or anxiety?
When I play and walk amongst receivers, those are concerns if I have 'reached' each individual, versus when I only sit and play for others without walking to others. 
Do I photograph from the distance to achieve result, or shoot a macro for connection?

Maybe a sound 'Comment' could tune me in as do photographers' 'Comments'...
No one ever has shared a criticism on these elements.  Maybe participants are still reverberating in sounds of Hod.
Someone yet may...
Always in Tiferet / heart I want to be better. 
And yet, I never play the same way... It's all instinctive, and the bowls sound different, react differently in every space. I may 'blow' on the bowls, and the wind blows the flowers.

So many variables. I’m breathing deeply even as I write this, because in Kavannah, I want "Sounds of Joy" to reach in Netzach the right places/people in the right way for that moment.
I am grateful in Hod when I hear that my photos heal (maybe of flowers or water), and when I hear people have relaxed in my Sound Spa, created just for them, a meditation at that moment.

I look forward to being in Netzach/successful in my musical intention, striving to be better, to be received well playing restful healing sounds that make a difference. 

Hod is reverberation, the echo of my humility and gratitude of the Holy One Who 'plays me'. I am grateful giving Hoda'ah / thanks for the splendor of gifts given to me to share with the universe.
"Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" / Serve G*d in Joy.

After spontaneously writing the above, I realize my thoughts are in the energies of tonight's Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer Netzach sh b'Hod.   
Of course, this makes sense. Baruch Hashem
~ ~ ~

All photos/materials in sites by Joy Krauthammer are under copyright protection by © Joy Krauthammer.
Permission by Joy Krauthammer, needed to repost/copy/reprint/use. Request in Comments, FB, or write/call personally.

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