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ספירת העומר 
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer day 36

Loving-Kindness of Bonding
Day 36, double chai, of the Omer

Arielle's 70th Birthday

- Joy Krauthamme

On this day, Chesed sh b'Yesod, I have shown my bonding love with my older sister who lives in Milwaukee for the last two dozen years.  Next week, May 31, is Arielle's 70th birthday. 

In two weeks I shall see my older sister. It is probably 55 years since we celebrated any birthdays together. I saw Arielle a decade ago, and also about 15 years before that for her son's wedding. We three sisters were together for the wedding in San Diego. Around that time, I also went to Florida for Arielle's wedding. A year and a half ago, she suddenly became a widow. Arielle called me at 2 AM when her husband, z'l, suddenly died.

This last year, I have spoken regularly and often with Arielle. From family love, we are bonding. In two weeks we shall be hugging.

Faye, my younger sister (who thankfully lives near me), and our mother's, z'l, sister, Perle, and brother, Israel (still living), will all meet in Maryland along with many cousins for a cousin's adult Bat Mitzvah. I have sent the plane tickets to my frail older sister, and she shall meet us, although she has not travelled on a plane in decades.

From loving-kindness, last night I called Arielle and asked what type of cake she enjoyed. Arielle recalled that when she was a child she had strawberry shortcake for her birthday from the NY neighborhood bakery. I remember it well, because I, too, as a child, had strawberry shortcake which I loved, for my birthday which is five days after Arielle's.

I remember picking strawberries with my family when fifty years ago we visited our uncle in Maryland. There's a clear snap heard when the ripe berry is picked. I think our mother had grown them in a 'strawberry pot'. Here in California, they grow well, but I grow blackberries. Every year, they ripen on my birthday. (I wonder if the visiting wild rabbit will eat them before I do.)

Last night during the Omer's day 36 count, Chesed sh b'Yesod, I wrote both to my Maryland daughter, Aviva, and to the Bat Mitzvah, Ziona, so we can arrange to have Arielle's favorites: strawberry shortcake and fresh fruit. Today to respect cousins and from love, I have requested that we will order a vegan birthday cake for Arielle's 70th birthday in Maryland. Maybe it will also be kosher. My daughter will bring the candles for the 70th birthday cake, ordered with love and bonding. There will be alot of light.

Arielle's strawberry birthday cake
© Joy Krauthammer

To celebrate Arielle's 75th birthday in a few days, I called Arielle and asked what her favorite color to wear is.  Arielle said she mostly wears blue but hot pink is her favorite. I immediately purchased a lovely textured hot pink 'infinity' scarf for Arielle.  I hope she enjoys wearing it and is happy with the party being arranged for her simcha. This was another tough year for Arielle with another major move, but she has blesSings of treasured friends and family to support her.

For tomorrow please view the next day's OLDER POST Omer Psalms of My Soul.

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