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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy

RED ROSE - day 19 HOD sh b'TIFERET

ספירת העומר

Red Rose - Face of G*d

Hod sh b'Tiferet
Silent Splendor in Harmony & Beauty

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 19

- Joy Krauthammer

Face of G*d in Garden of Joy  © Joy Krauthammer

I must examine my own face in the Light of G*d, B'Tzelem Elokim, and see what blemish I need to remove.
~ ~ ~



ספירת העומר


Gratitude in Harmony and Beauty

Kabbalistic Sephirat Counting of the Omer day 19

- by Joy Krauthammer

How glorious it is in the moment to view the season's new flowering buds. Some are such a surprise. Walking on the sidewalk at the bottom of my hillside slope, I turned my eyes upward, and I loved the vision that I held. On the outside of my fenced garden, high on the downhill slope side, were tons of passion fruit flowers. Seeing them, even where it is so difficult to reap them, I felt exhilaration. Since a year ago no flowers have survived to transform into fruits (and I don't know why), yet I am sure that these beautiful blossoms will. It takes months for purple passion fruit to ripen, and in the fall I pray we will have these treasures. I thank the Holy One with gratitude for what is and will be. (Please don't let the hungry gopher eat my flowers.)

Up high on the slope, I also saw blossoms of the prickly blackberry vines that normally ripen into berries on my birthday. I can't imagine how they will be ready to be plucked in less than a month, but even from the street level I could see the finger-nail sized small white flowers and I was excited. Because they meandered onto the steep slope, I probably won't even have access to them.

I checked on the baby figlets in the garden, and they are growing. There is balance between the growth of the large leaves and the little green babies. It will be months before they are large and turning deep purple. Thirty one years ago I planted the barren branch to become this magnificent giving tree. I am in harmony as I stand by the tree and in awe as I see more birthings. Under the tree there is one orange lily flower and a single yellow bearded iris and nearby also a mauve bearded iris.  I view the creation of seven sturdy, upright large artichokes and their babies, and in anticipation know, that by leaving them alone, that they will transform into beautiful soft purple flowered thistles. 

The roses are magnificent in their virgin opening stages. From every direction, so pure are the new petals of delight. I invite you to enjoy my rose photos. 

So much is missing from the garden and that saddens me.  This year there has been more balance with the weather, with more rains sorely needed, and the weather and tempatures are seasonally strange.  

I, too, need to be aware for myself, what hydration I need to do the work in the world that I do. For all the glory that is present, I see from G*d, the energy of Hod sh b'Tiferet. I feel the splendor of the truth and harmony of G*d's presence in the garden, and I am truly grateful.
~ ~ ~

FIG photos and poems:


ספירת העומר

Kabbalistic Sephirat Counting of the Omer day 19
Splendor and Awe in Harmony and Balance


- by Joy Krauthammer

When I was a potter,
some pots needed orphanages,
whether birthed or aborted, a mistake.
Too raw, I recycled them into
mud once more, back to the earth.
No ritual burial, no chanting Kaddish.

Kneading clay back to fertile birth
spinning centeredness and stillness
turning round and round
mound of moist mud
ecstasy through my embracing fingers
and all over my soaked
clay-caked body.
We were one.

Clay called to me,
"Come play with me, form me, caress me,
harden me, color me, use me, delight in me."

Vessels of ceramic beauty,
weird, altered, exploding pots
push past boundaries
and respond to my touch.

"In what fire will you finish me?
In what kiln will I cook?
Electric or Raku or Anagama?
Heat high my body -- transform me
until I am birthed firm and beautiful."

When I did what I loved,
and I loved what I did,
in delight and joy
night and day
on the potter's wheel,
although I didn't understand Oneness
I was Oneness.
No separation.
Then, I didn't know "G*d".
or did I?

Thank you, G*d,
for the glory of creation,
of immersion and joyous passion fulfilled.

Today I am a Pot
May my outer self portray
My inner self --
awakened, conscious, mindful
of the wholeness, the harmony,
the strength,
the character, the integrity,
and the honesty of a good pot,
half-filled or half-empty,
standing upright,
glazed or not.

Gaze upon me
or fill me with nature's treasures:
tea leaves, a sunflower, pebbles, a pod,
seashells, lavender buds, fruit, or a feather.

Discover even more pleasure
and truth
when you look inside.

"Surely G*d was in this (sacred) place, and I, I did not know."
"Achen Yesh HaShem, B'makom hazeh, v'anochi, lo yadati."
Parsha Vayetze, Genesis 28:16.

"Like the clay in the hand of the potter - he expands it at will - so are we in Your hand, O Preserver of loving-kindness..."
ArtScroll Yom Kippur Machzor, page 121, evening service.

"And now Hashem, You are our Creator, we are the clay and You are our Potter, and we all are the work of Your hand." Isaiah 64:7
ArtScroll Siddur, page 127. Tachanun read before Torah, weekday mornings.

Otto Heino, potter extraordinaire, died July 2009. Otto showed me his first place, award winning pot from the International Ceramics show in Paris, and exclaimed to me that he "won FIRST PLACE because it was an HONEST POT" . That emet, truth has permeated my being. Today I held one of his baby pots.
TODAY I AM A POT  reprinted from "The Deronda Review" Vol. III.  No. I Fall-Winter 2009-2010
a journal of poetry and thought.  http://www.pointandcircumference.com/
 published in The Jewish Woman 2010

Published in American Ceramic Society, Design Chapter, ACS-DC Newsletter,
March 2013, Vol. 14, Issue 22, page 12.

Published in Huffington Post, Religion, Omer LiveBlog, Day 49, Malchut sh b'Malchut, May 14, 2013.

"TODAY I AM A POT" Aleph's KALLAH 2011, Univ. of Redlands, CA
"TODAY I AM A POT" Makom Ohr Shalom, Encino, CA
"TODAY I AM A POT" Opening of Sound and Light studio, Sherman Oaks, CA

MUD POT, ten second watercolor with Japanese brush at LACMA, by Joy Krauthammer, created to accompany Today I Am A Pot.

Joy Krauthammer
wheel-thrown pot
Joy Krauthammer, MBA, following Queens College, and before becoming a medical social worker, a weaver, sound healer, performing percussionist, publisher, poet, etc., received a Max Beckmann full scholarship for her graduate ceramics work at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art. She continued her ceramics studies and exploration in California.

In the 1970's, Joy taught ceramics at Cooper Square Art School, NY, opened an arts school for the City of Los Angeles in the late 1980's, and taught ceramics for them and other schools. Favorite memories include 24/7 chopped-wood stoking the firing for her pots in the Anagama mountain kiln at ISOMATA, Idyllwild, San Jacinto Mountains, and belonging to the American Ceramics Society and travelling with 63 other divine potters to New Mexico to visit Indians on their sacred lands.

Joy's award winning art has been exhibited in many shows.

Before the 1994 Northridge earthquake struck her town, Joy thought that her beautiful pottery took up too much space and decided that if she became a drummer, the music would be "ethereal", taking up NO space. Joy has spent the last couple decades travelling around the world collecting drums for her performing as a spiritual percussonist. 

Joy wrote TODAY I AM A POT, because her soul still yearns to play in the mud, and her heart is touched by all the memories deeply shared for the last four decades with wonderful creative and talented pottery friends and teachers.
~ ~ ~

Joy Krauthammer and her salt glazed wheel-thrown and altered pots.
Created at ISOMATA, USC's Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts.

Joy's ANAGAMA experience is included in the "Ceramics Monthly", March

The ISOMATA mud gang, including Susan Peterson, obm, smiling behind me, in photo below so you can see me in my muddy potting apron in the front row. - Joy Krauthammer

Pot photos by Joy Krauthammer © 
~ ~ ~


ספירת העומר

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 19

Hod sh b'Tiferet

Light of G*d within Beauty

Garden of Joy 
© Joy Krauthammer 

Garden of Joy 
A Selfie © Joy Krauthammer 

I love the radiating light streaming through the Oleander and Bougainvillea petals.  
Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.
I am Grateful for G*D'S Splendor of the Beauty and Harmony within life that is shared with us.
So many ways to see and feel Splendor within Beauty. 
How much more can I be grateful in acknowledging G*d's gifts to us; Beauty and Balance in our World?
How do I Count the Countless Ways?
How do I share the bounty of my harvest, fruit and flora?

There is Splendor and Balance in the nesting birds in my back porch. 
High up so that I can't see inside the nest, no cam available, but the little birds chirp, and fly in and out, sitting on ledges and fences in porch and garden.
Maybe they are Black Phoebes, aka Tuxedos.
I'll add a photo.

A pair of Doves are also here again in the garden but have not yet seen their nest. 
Three years ago, the Dove's nest was by my back door at eye level. A blesSing.

More Hod sh b'Tiferet
How do I serve G*D and community with Gratitude and light through Beauty, Truth, Compassion and Harmony?

Garden of Joy 
© Joy Krauthammer 

Garden of Joy 
© Joy Krauthammer 

Lavender Lantana
Garden of Joy 
© Joy Krauthammer 

Lupines Garden of Joy 
© Joy Krauthammer 


ספירת העומר

Healing Sounds of Joy
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 19

Hod sh b’Tiferet
Splendor and Humility within Harmony, Beauty & Truth

With splendor of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls' reverberating sounds, with bowl in hand, in humility I withdraw and am guided to play for others' harmony, balance and healing.
Surrender to the sounds of the Singing Bowls.Joy Krauthammer, sound healer

I must examine my own face in the Light of G*d, B'Tzelem Elokim, and see what blemish I need to remove or refine to reach Shavuot, during 49 days of Counting of the Omer. I am grateful for the gift of sound healing and being able to share Sounds of Joy.

Singing Bowls
© Joy Krauthammer 

Sounds of Joy
© Joy Krauthammer 

Asian Sound Bath
© Joy Krauthammer 

Asian Sound Bath
© Joy Krauthammer 

Sounds of Joy
© Joy Krauthammer 

Sounds of Joy
 Joy Krauthammer 

More Sounds of Joy


ספירת העומר

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer day 19
Hod sh b'Tiferet
Anonymous Compassion

Thank you G*d, for giving me the ability and the opportunity to Serve You With Joy.  
- Joy Krauthammer

Rabbi Simon Jacobson writes for Day 19, Hod sh b'Tiferet, 
Humility In Compassion
"Exercise for the day: 
Express compassion in an anonymous fashion, not taking any personal credit."

Humility in Compassion
Painted Heart Mask by Joy Krauthammer
      7 Hearts. 7 = G*d's holiest number


ספירת העומר

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 19
2 weeks and 5 days of the Omer
Hod sh b'Tiferet

Awe, radiance, splendor and gratitude within beauty and harmony.
Little raindrops and dewdrops.

In humility I stand back, and hold my breath, witnessing the miracles and soak in the magnificence of the Divine One.
In the presence of blossoms and raindrops, they are huge to me, radiating the splendor of gifts of G*d, I am in awe. I am grateful for the beauty, and the rain, so badly needed. The shiny drops reflect their surroundings and garden colors are on the surface of the tiniest drop

How can I be present always in harmony and gratitude for gifts of humans and G*d? How can I integrate humility and awe and resonate that within my world? What little actions can I take that make a difference in our world and bring joy to others?

Enjoy the flowers I share from my garden that I tend for the Holy One.

- Joy Krauthammer

Rose Dew
© Joy Krauthammer

Hardenbergia Raindrops
(each flower is smaller than a pinkie nail)
© Joy Krauthammer

Lagaritos Raindrops
(Each red drop is 1")
© Joy Krauthammer

Hardenbergia Raindrops
© Joy Krauthammer
~ ~ ~


ספירת העומר

BONDING FAMILY ~ Four Generations, L'Dor V'Dor


Family foundation filled with nurturing, connection and devotion.
The Generations' relationships are now more in harmony.
Connections now a blesSing along with the blesSing of a baby and new family.

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20
- Joy Krauthammer

Four Generations
photo edits by Joy K.

Four Generations
photo edits by Joy K.
~ ~ ~


ספירת העומר

Yesod sh b'Tiferet 
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20

Serving G*d With Sounds of Joy
"Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" Psalm 100:2

I love Tiferet. Tiferet mediates between Chesed and Gevurah. I have to use Gevurah on Tiferet's side, to hold back, and not write a manifesto on this topic when I think of all the music, arts and gifts that come from Chesed. I offer Links below.

For me, Yesod, Bonding is a Foundation with chevre, with community and comes from a womb creating many 'babies' including music. Today I think of Service to G*d and community when I see a photo I shot of the stained glass window at Reb Shlomo Carlebach's, z"l, upper west side synagogue.  I loved Reb Shlomo and loved being his percussionist. As a drummer, I continue to serve Judaism with  joy, and love sharing Shlomo's music that he received from Shamayim.

I can't think of the blemish that needs rectifying in this situation. All the time I strive to be better, to be a better support, thus this must help purify where I have qualities needing cleansing. My music although 'out there' accompanying other musicians, is very personal to me. I regularly check in with the Holy One to make sure that what comes from my heart and soul and hands is in the right Truthful spiritual direction. I know my music helps Bond spiritual community, as members let me know, so that is also reassuring to me to affirm my playing schedules and venues.  My music comes from the first Temple. 

My music is about Truth. I don't think of my music in Beauty, but yes, some aspects of it are, such as when I play the gentle chimes and can hear angels twinkling. I guess it is in Beauty because people are inspired and uplifted. That is Truth. People pray and dance to my accompanying Sounds of Joy. My music is in Balance and Harmony with the other musicians. 

In addition to my drumming percussion, my gift of Singing Bowls meditations comes from my Yesod, and how I am guided to birth the massaging sounds.

In both ongoing experiences, I am humble and grateful, knowing that I am a vessel and the sounds of my hands as they play instruments, come through me from the Holy One. I am grateful to be blessed to Serve G*d With Joy.

- Joy Krauthammer

Serve G*d With Joy
Stained Glass Window, Carlebach Shul
© Joy Krauthammer 

Timbrel of Miriam
© Joy Krauthammer 

Balancing the Foundation through Chakras
photos and collage by © Joy Krauthammer 

Love playing timbrel and tof in the spirit of Miriam HaNeviah
Bonding in Yesod with Community in Tiferet/Truth and Harmony
Love playing Rosh Chodeshes, Women's Seders, Farbrengans, weddings, etc.

~ ~ ~

Yesod sh b'Tiferet 
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20

Another example of my Serving G*d in Joy within qualities of Creating in Beauty. 

American Jewish University 'Rare Books' librarian contacted me today to help illustrate the new Pirkei Avot books exhibition.

Today I sent a photo of a truly magnificent golden sunrise to portray a quote. I feel this is mamash truth of the energies of today-- sharing one of my creations, a photo of G*d's Glory, to assist in balancing beauty of a book display.  - Joy Krauthammer

Golden Sunrise
Garden of Joy
© Joy Krauthammer   2011

~ ~ ~


ספירת העומר

Yesod sh b'Tiferet 
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20
Friends Bond in Compassion for Resolution and Healing 

- Joy Krauthammer

Today I called my more senior friend (always filled with wisdom and Chesed / lovingkindness), and listened to her deep upset as she told me a current personal story filled with emotional pain.  In her state of a perceived situation by someone important to her, I listened, cared, and in Tiferet / compassion, I offered advice.  Shortly after, my friend called me back, grateful that I had given good guidance, and that she immediately followed it to find clarity in the situation and to relieve herself of emotional pain, and find shalom / peace and harmony.

I had blessed my friend with the courage to go forth to express herself and find truth, and healing that she needed, and not to suffer with ideas, real or misunderstood.

My friend said she is grateful to have a friend in me, a friend who "listens" and responds (in what I hope is guided wisdom) and cares. Yes, in Yesod sh b'Tiferet, I went forward in connection, communication and compassion for the emotional health of my friend. 

My friend listens, yet it does not mean that the outcome is as she would wish; in this case, Baruch Hashem, it was.

For decades, my friend and I are already in Yesod / 'bonded' in meaningful and caring ways, and our "relationship continues to live on",* and is a "gratifying result of true compassion".

And yes, today in the universal energy of the day, there was an expression, a "single act of sympathy", even empathy, and the interaction achieved 'healing' and harmony. I am grateful that I could be of service in compassion. *(R. Simon Jacobson on today's Omer)

 I just now realize after writing the above, that my being attentive to my friend is the rectification, the tikkun of what ailed her, being neglected by another. We are eternally friends. We care deeply about each other, even if we don't share the same views on some issues important to each of us.

Yesod sh b'Tiferet
"For compassion to be fully realized, it needs bonding. It requires creating a channel between giver and receiver; a mutuality that extends beyond the moment of need. A bond that continues to live on. That is the most gratifying result of true compassion."  
Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Sharing bonding relationships in harmony and beauty. 

Water Lilies, Japanese Garden
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

Water Purification for Entering Tea House
Water Basin and Bamboo Spout, Japanese Garden
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

HoneyBee, Lake House 
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

Birthing Sago Palm Fronds and Older Siblings
Garden of Joy
© Joy Krauthammer 4.26.2016

Bonding with Sibling to Be
© Joy Krauthammer 4.27.2016

~ ~ ~


PSALMS OF MY SOUL ~ CLICK photo for full Omer Psalm.

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20, 3 Weeks and 6 Days
YESOD sh b’TIFERET  ספירת העומר

I guess DAD, z”l, and I are 'Bonded in Harmony' as musicians and artists.
Brooklyn boy Yusel on lower left served on Army Drum and Bugle Corps and at Walter Reed Army Hospital, DC, recreating limbs, creating prosthetic arms, legs for WW 2 servicemen. He taught them crafts to make toys for family members. (I too taught crafts to adults and also taught in a hospital and also served as hospital social worker for people with amputees.) And you know that I'm a professional drummer!  (I have tears realizing these connections and many more traits.)

Dad's bugle hung on my childhood living room wall and I had no idea what it was from, and next to his Polish father’s violin, which I played. Dad died 1999 (30 years after Mom) and just had his yahrzeit after Pesach. Found his little Army siddur. Grateful he knew and loved my daughter. Interesting that when Dad was my age, he also worked with Police and safety (as I do currently). I think he would have liked the art movies I’ve made on YouTube and I also have a boating license as he had.  :)

I think the refinement in Omer counting needed here (for the future) is that I had not asked my dad about his life.    (None of his peers are alive any longer.)  But then I think he did not like to converse much. I knew nothing about his growing up. Wish I had talked to Dad about his music, parents, siblings, ideals, army, meeting my mom, z"l. Why didn't I see his family photos?  

Last night on Skype, my long distance little granddaughter spent Skype time with me showing me her collection of friends and family photos. (I have also given to her a child's camera.)

How can I change my style of conversation to include that is important to the other that they are not bringing up? I believe that I hold back with inquisitive questions thinking it is not for me to ask 'private' questions that make me feel as if 'prying'. (Yet, people easily always ask me private questions.) Lately if there is private time, I do question more and open up worlds about the other I had no idea about. There's a lot of suffering on the other side, usually concealed. Then my compassion in Tiferet comes into play and bonding in yesod is more prevalent as I've also experience. For many years people tell me that I "listen" and that is appreciated.

How can I open up to my granchildren so that they know about me?  Writing all these blogs/websites of mine had its goal for just that reason-- that my little ones would know about me when I am 'gone'. It is why I have created extensive family tree sites and added to greater sites-- for the next generation to at least have facts and photos and some stories before they are forever lost. I do try. There is great resistence in having cooperation in creating the extensive family trees. Little bonding, little compassion from extended family, sometimes taking decades, but sometimes caring creative cousins do come through to help with my compulsion and persistence in Netzach, my strong midah/personality trait.

Thanks to sister Faye for scanning today for day 20, 1942 WW 2 photo. I thankfully rescued photo in 1999.
- Joy Krauthammer

Joe in Official Army portrait WWII
Dad on lower left.

Aviva and her maternal Grandpa Joe Bond  1978?
© Joy Krauthammer 

3 Generations Bond
Joy with younger sister, father and maternal grandmother

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