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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy



ספירת העומר


Gratitude in Harmony and Beauty

Kabbalistic Sephirat Counting of the Omer day 19

- by Joy Krauthammer

How glorious it is in the moment to view the season's new flowering buds. Some are such a surprise. Walking on the sidewalk at the bottom of my hillside slope, I turned my eyes upward, and I loved the vision that I held. On the outside of my fenced garden, high on the downhill slope side, were tons of passion fruit flowers. Seeing them, even where it is so difficult to reap them, I felt exhilaration. Since a year ago no flowers have survived to transform into fruits (and I don't know why), yet I am sure that these beautiful blossoms will. It takes months for purple passion fruit to ripen, and in the fall I pray we will have these treasures. I thank the Holy One with gratitude for what is and will be. (Please don't let the hungry gopher eat my flowers.)

Up high on the slope, I also saw blossoms of the prickly blackberry vines that normally ripen into berries on my birthday. I can't imagine how they will be ready to be plucked in less than a month, but even from the street level I could see the finger-nail sized small white flowers and I was excited. Because they meandered onto the steep slope, I probably won't even have access to them.

I checked on the baby figlets in the garden, and they are growing. There is balance between the growth of the large leaves and the little green babies. It will be months before they are large and turning deep purple. Thirty one years ago I planted the barren branch to become this magnificent giving tree. I am in harmony as I stand by the tree and in awe as I see more birthings. Under the tree there is one orange lily flower and a single yellow bearded iris and nearby also a mauve bearded iris.  I view the creation of seven sturdy, upright large artichokes and their babies, and in anticipation know, that by leaving them alone, that they will transform into beautiful soft purple flowered thistles. 

The roses are magnificent in their virgin opening stages. From every direction, so pure are the new petals of delight. I invite you to enjoy my rose photos. 

So much is missing from the garden and that saddens me.  This year there has been more balance with the weather, with more rains sorely needed, and the weather and tempatures are seasonally strange.  

I, too, need to be aware for myself, what hydration I need to do the work in the world that I do. For all the glory that is present, I see from G*d, the energy of Hod sh b'Tiferet. I feel the splendor of the truth and harmony of G*d's presence in the garden, and I am truly grateful.
~ ~ ~

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, Joy.
Thanks. excellently done.
Love, F

Anne Eggebroten said...


I'm so impressed with your essays, poems, and photos... very beautiful.

Hod. yes, a powerful concept.

Sept. 10, 2011

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