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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy


ספירת העומר

Yesod sh b'Tiferet 
Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer - day 20
Friends Bond in Compassion for Resolution and Healing 

- Joy Krauthammer

Today I called my more senior friend (always filled with wisdom and Chesed / lovingkindness), and listened to her deep upset as she told me a current personal story filled with emotional pain.  In her state of a perceived situation by someone important to her, I listened, cared, and in Tiferet / compassion, I offered advice.  Shortly after, my friend called me back, grateful that I had given good guidance, and that she immediately followed it to find clarity in the situation and to relieve herself of emotional pain, and find shalom / peace and harmony.

I had blessed my friend with the courage to go forth to express herself and find truth, and healing that she needed, and not to suffer with ideas, real or misunderstood.

My friend said she is grateful to have a friend in me, a friend who "listens" and responds (in what I hope is guided wisdom) and cares. Yes, in Yesod sh b'Tiferet, I went forward in connection, communication and compassion for the emotional health of my friend. 

My friend listens, yet it does not mean that the outcome is as she would wish; in this case, Baruch Hashem, it was.

For decades, my friend and I are already in Yesod / 'bonded' in meaningful and caring ways, and our "relationship continues to live on",* and is a "gratifying result of true compassion".

And yes, today in the universal energy of the day, there was an expression, a "single act of sympathy", even empathy, and the interaction achieved 'healing' and harmony. I am grateful that I could be of service in compassion. *(R. Simon Jacobson on today's Omer)

 I just now realize after writing the above, that my being attentive to my friend is the rectification, the tikkun of what ailed her, being neglected by another. We are eternally friends. We care deeply about each other, even if we don't share the same views on some issues important to each of us.

Yesod sh b'Tiferet
"For compassion to be fully realized, it needs bonding. It requires creating a channel between giver and receiver; a mutuality that extends beyond the moment of need. A bond that continues to live on. That is the most gratifying result of true compassion."  
Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Sharing bonding relationships in harmony and beauty. 

Water Lilies, Japanese Garden
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

Water Purification for Entering Tea House
Water Basin and Bamboo Spout, Japanese Garden
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

HoneyBee, Lake House 
© Joy Krauthammer 5.1.2016

Birthing Sago Palm Fronds and Older Siblings
Garden of Joy
© Joy Krauthammer 4.26.2016

Bonding with Sibling to Be
© Joy Krauthammer 4.27.2016

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